Recolonize Mod Summary

Recolonize Mod is a total conversion modification for C&C Generals Zero Hour made by n5p29 set in the alternate timeline future where Human fights the Drones army for survival

This mod offers unique gameplays that brings ZH engine to the new level:

  • Different build system for both faction. Each faction have their own way to build up their base and expand
  • Unique unit management for each faction (population or power)
  • More extensive combats. Each unit is worth in the battle, nothing is just for cannon fodder.
  • New heroes system. Heroes are your special unit that accompany and strengthen your forces and can turn the tide of the battle.
  • New protocol system. Purchase various special upgrades and abilities as the battle progress.


Main Article: Recolonize: Intro Story

Recolonize Mod is a total conversion mod set in the alternate timeline future where Human fights the Drones army for survival.
In the future, the world finally regain the global peace after the bloody years of Armageddon. The world united, forming the new world order. With the people respect each other and no more wars, everything works well.
Until one time... a sudden attack reported from unknown robotic force from long abandoned secret military project that gone uncontrolled begin a mass genocide, we caught unguarded and unprepared. After many unfortunate events, the threat rising global. The Human high dependency of new technology that time make things worse, the Drones successfully disable and take control of those built technology, forcing us to take steps back of technology to fight them.


There are two factions in Recolonize mod.

  • Human uses a variety of specialized units that most are infantry. They are forced to use conventional weapons like bullets, cannons, flamethrowers, etc. The future weapons can't be used. However, they somehow managed to mass produce the heavy assault armor to continue survive and fight the drones.
  • Drones uses a few, but strong and multipurposes units. They're all mechanical units controlled by one central AI, only looks for objectives and great coordination that makes humans cannot stand against them. They have many kind of mechs from humanoid, shapeshifter, bird-like copter, to a dragon-like heavy mech.


Main Article: Recolonize: Gameplay

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