In the near future a secret military research facility started a project with the intent of making a perfect army of robots controlled by a central supercomputer with the self-learning strategic artificial intelligence.

With the concept to create the most effective army, not subject to the constraints human troops faced. Such as deception and defection by enemies, the troopers would only focus on main objectives and achieving victory regardless of any opposition. The AI was used to control all of the military aspects ranging from resource management, unit productions, intelligence, battlefield strategies and even management of each individual unit. Due to its self-learning ability, it became highly adaptable in every battlefield situation, and surprisingly it even learn how to jam communications or lure enemy soldiers into traps.

After many years, the entire research project was put to a stop by the government due to fears of the supercomputer becoming unstable, overpowered and ultimately uncontrollable. Despite officially being stopped, the computer of the Mother AI was frozen, buried deep, somewhere inside a research facility.

Several decades later, the world was at peace. Human technology isn't growing too far from now, besides the increasing usage of computer systems. Unknown to the public, there was an unknown accident that caused the Mother AI to re-awaken and reactivate the army. The first attack reported was in the research facility where the AI was being held. Intel indicates that the attack was just done by only few humanoid drone troops, but proved to be unstoppable. Conditions began worsening with the Humans lack of skills and lowered vitality which was due to the world being in a peaceful state for extended period of time. There was also a report that no one in the research facility survived from the first attack of the Drones.

Only a few days passed yet the AI showed no signs of slowing down and had taken over several resource mines and factories to build armies. Later the inevitable capture of the military space satellite seemed imminent. Following which, the entire world computer and data systems were shut down. Moreover the Drones seemed to be evolving from one unit kind to a basic humanoid unit to many kinds of units like bird-like choppers and heavy mechs.

Disaster continued to spread around the world, causing human technology to deteriorate and populations reduced drastically, with most casualties being in large countries that had used the most modern technologies before the AI's awakening.

Humans realize they must band together if they wish to face any hopes of defeating this overwhelming enemy and human survivors have united in an effort to fight the drones. While the reason of the AI's awakening still remains unclear. The Drones mission however seems to eradicate humans. The Humans are left with one option to fight... Fight for their very existence.

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