Recolonize is a unique mod amongs the other total conversion mod. It changes even to the core gameplay into something different. Despite using a C&C game engine, this mod is not a C&C in term of gameplay and style.

Build SystemEdit

  • Human builds their structures by a worker team that lead by an engineer. It's same as the common RTS build system, utilizing the original Generals Dozer system back to use. Their build system flexibility allowing them to build anywhere.
  • Drones uses a central building that can be packed into a vehicle, like Classic CnC ConstructionYard/MCV system. But the difference is it's "click-place-build", not "click-build-place". Drones only can build in limited places, they can't build too far from their central buildings.

Unit managementEdit

Both factions only can build limited amount of units, Human units require population and Drones needs powers to be built.

  • If Human are overpopulated they can't build more units and their production slowed down.
  • If Drones are low-powered their units are disabled and the production slowed down. But you can keep increasing the build limit by constructing more Supply Depot or Reactors. There also some tech buildings scattered around the battlefield to sightly increase the build limit. So there is no real limitation to build as much as you can build.


In this mod resources can be gathered from two kind of resources, but both still converted as credits money. There are some Mines that contains many resources but can be depleted, and mineral fields that have small resources but regenerate every a while.

  • Human have a refinery structure that works as a drop-off point of their armed heavy miners.
  • Drones have a refinery structure that works as a drop-off point of small, flying, resource gatherer drones.

Faction ProtocolsEdit

One of main feature in Command and Conquer Generals is Generals Powers, where you can purchase special powers that exclusive for each factions. Since Recolonize is C&C Generals Zero Hour modification, this feature will not become a waste. There is some feature that is similar to Generals Powers, the Faction Protocols.

Faction Protocols is a unique feature. Like in Generals, in here you can purchase something like reinforcement, bombardment, and/or support powers from the earned Battle Points. Battle Points earned after you collected an amount of experiences by destroying enemy forces. More you destroy enemy forces, more experience you gained and faster you earned Battle Points to purchase special powers to strengthen your forces.

Not only that. In late game, in Faction Protocols you also can purchase very useful upgrades that almost like a cheat. Well, not really, for example if you are drones you can purchase Mass Productions upgrade that reduce all unit costs by 20%, or if you are Human you are allowed to build Super Supply Depots that can increase your population limit a lot, much more than the standard Supply Depots or even your Command Center each. And, Faction Protocols can also unlock the devastating superweapon buildings.

But, the main difference of Faction Protocols in Recolonize and Generals Promotion in Generals is, Faction Protocols allows you to unlock heroes and also their abilities. This will be explained below.

For your info, Faction Protocols called "Secret Protocols" for Human and called "System Patches" for Drones.


Since in Recolonize you are limited to build units, you must manage your army efficiently. And you cannot just spam a kind of unit to conquer the enemy because each unit kind may be weak or strong against some other unit kinds. This condition can make the game tempo slow, redundant, and boring. Because of that, in Recolonize each factions have their own heroes, the main attraction of this mod.

These heroes can turn the tides of the battle, they have many special abilities, high survivability, and stronger than other normal units so they cannot be defeated easily. The heroes are unlocked by purchasing them in Faction Protocols tab with your earned battle points.

Each faction have more than one hero kind (in the plan there are three or four heroes each faction), and you just can have one of each hero kind at a time (you can’t have two or more hero with same kind). If you want to build more than one hero, you need purchasing more battle points in Faction Protocols tab.

Each hero have different effectiveness and their own roles. There may be heroes with lesser healthpoints but greater attack power, or heroes that have a load of healthpoints and armor that can be used for a meat shield, or have many supportive abilities, or that is very effective for killing enemy units but not the buildings, and many other.

Each hero also have different powers and abilities. From the start you build a hero, they come with an ability. They powers can be increased by unlocking more of their abilities in the Faction Protocols. Some of their abilities can be purchased via upgrade research, but most of their ability located on the protocols tab. They power also grow stronger when promoted or leveled-up.

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