Lurker Tank
Lurker 001
Faction Drones
Designation Anti-Armor Vehicle
Build Info
Icon (TBA)
Build Cost 1200, 2 Powers
Build Time (TBA)
Built From Factory
Prerequisites Conversion Drive
Build Limit None
Unit Stats
Type Vehicle/Medium
Weapons Railgun
Armor Tank
Abilities Burrow
Dev. Status Modeled, Skin WIP


Lurker tank role as the Drones primary tank vehicle, which is effective against armored targets. It can crush light infantry units and able to burrow into ground to hide from most enemy sights and become stationary turret. Because the complex burrowing systems, it requires Conversion Drive to be built.


The U.S army created the "first Lurker" to deal with rising threats in the middle-east. It's a mobile anti-tank that was created to cover terrain as quickly as possible to provide infantry support. Once stationed it created a strategically placed artillery cannon by deploying its large steel plates into the ground. This outdated piece of equipment consisted of an immense cannon while maintaining high maneuverability.

Human intelligence first believed the tank Drones had nowadays was an exact copy of the original tank that went into production on pre-GreatWar middle-east conflict many decades ago. During an attack on a Drones establishment their worst fears were realized this was not the tank they created.

Incoming transmission...

Units deployed in Germany have confirmed our greatest fears the Drones Lurker tanks consists of the original high powered central cannon but has been perfected to include a higher grade metal alloy, faster mobility and an increased weapon range. Although these advancements are indeed extraordinary the main concern is the tanks new ability to burrow underground and become a turret placement. These advancements could prove disastrous on the battle field against Human ground units by ambushes. The Lurker tanks seemingly only weakness is their vulnerability when not stationed and being attacked by armor piercing weapons, or when underpowered. If these units deployed in large groups they are capable of creating large defensive areas for other Drones units to attack from.


Tactical AnalysisEdit


(ability cards here)


(upgrade cards here)


  • Lurker Tank is one of few non-derived OC unit made by the creator, and already existed since early development when this mod still conceptualized. However it seems the Brotherhood of Nod in newly made game Command and Conquer 4 have a unit with similar appearance and ability that is Scorpion Tank. What a coincidence.
  • The concept artist, HeartbreakOne, accidentally made another concept for this unit though there's the model already in skinning phase


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