General InformationEdit

  • Uses powers.
  • When low-powered, the units will be disabled (except vital units like MCV and Harvesters). The production structures will not be disabled however, so take cautions.
  • Structures built by central building, click the designated building, place them on battlefield, and they're slowly building up. When a stucture constructing, you can build another structure from the central building without waiting the currently constructing structure finished built. This makes this faction can fastly build bases.
  • The structures must be built on the control area (build radius) however. You have initial build radius from your central building, then any built structures also expands the build radius around them.
  • Parallel tech tree. Unlike Human that the tier level can be seen clearly, Drones must build certain structure to unlock a selection of units. Each tech structure can be upgarded/expanded to unlock more units/abilities/powers. Although there's a special tech structure that requires another tech structure expansion to be built (Advanced Drive)
  • Each tech structure can be upgraded/expanded, but only one expanded building needed to unlock the corresponding units. If you lost the expanded building, the effect will be lost except there's another same expanded building.
  • No Drones units can garrison structures.
  • Good transportation. Since they have Razor Transporter that heavy-lift capable, infantry and vehicles can be transported to almost over all terrain. Just watch for enemy anti-aircrafts.
  • Better airforce compared to Human faction.

Units and StructuresEdit


Hunter 001
Hunter Drones basic ground unit. Hunters are the bread and butter of the Drones force. Armed with square-shaped heavy assault rifle (that effective against infantry units) attached to them by default. Their weapons are heavily customizable later, they can receive heavier weapons such as light railguns or missile pods, making them the "jack of all trades" unit in mid to late game. They also can be upgraded to unlock their Charge special ability, where they can temporarily boost their movement speed for some time.
Assimilator Drones field support unit. Unarmed, have wide sighting range. Can capture neutral/enemy structures. Also can repair damaged buildings as the repair area of the Central Hubs are quite limited. Can be upgraded to be stealthed. Does not require powers to function.
CentralHub 002
Central Hub (Mobile Form) Slow, well armored, huge arachnid-shaped mech. When deployed acts as the Drones main structure (see Stuctures section below). It lost the common functions of its building version in this form, until you deploy it back. With its enormous size, it can crush smaller units. Does not require powers to function.
Harvester Drone Small, flying, resource gatherer drone unit. Collect up resource minerals from various resource points and send them to the Extractor to be processed into funds. Built at the Extractor unlike the most units, and also does not require powers to function.
Surveyor Special vehicle that can be deployed into Outpost expansion structure. A cheaper and small counterpart of Central Hub (without the ability to build structures). Unlike the Central Hubs, once deployed it cannot be unpacked again however. Requires deployed Central Hub to be built. Does not require powers to function.
Lurker skin
Lurker Drones primary tank vehicle which is effective against armored targets. Can crush light infantry units. Be able to burrow into ground to hide from most enemy sights and become stationary turret. Requires Conversion Drive.
Marauder Powerful close combat mech. Heavily armored, and also amphibious. Can morph itself into submarine on water. Requires Conversion Drive.
Defender Anti-air vehicle. Armed by anti-air missiles by default. Weapon can be upgraded with either additional pods for extra missiles, or replace them with miniguns that effective against infantry (can't be used against air though). Requires expanded Factory to be built.
Steel Wing Drones basic air unit. Flying bird-shaped drone scout, have an autocannon attached on its tail. Have wide vision range and also can detect stealth. Can attack both ground and air targets. Its special ability is to land to the ground. In this state the Steel Wing stealthed while stationary but its movement speed will sightly reduced. Requires Surveillance Drive.
Razor Transporter Heavy-lift air transport. Unarmed. It can transport almost all ground units, from infantry to large vehicles like Executioner or Central Hub. Requires Surveillance Drive.
Necron (NOTE: It's NOT that ancient space robot race!)
Advanced field support unit. Unarmed and quite slow moving, but have various abilities. Repairs nearby Drones units. Can make some weak mechanical robots from destroyed Drones rubbles. Can be upgraded to perform more abilities, such as Frequency Jammer and EM Field. Requires Advanced Drive.
Executioner Strongest Drones unit. Massive, heavy siege walker. Have devastating attacks in close quarters that effective against almost all ground units and causes havoc on enemy troop concentration. Its special ability is to deploy and become a powerful artillery platform. Requires expanded Advanced Drive.


Reaver Drones primary hero unit. Reaver is an experimental unit serves as a multirole combat unit. Reaver is an agile humanoid mech and highly customizable. Armed with twin-autocannon at first. It can be equipped with various wargears such as Rocket Pods, Railgun Cannon, or Jet Boosters once they're unlocked on the faction protocol. Does not require powers to function.


CentralHub 001
Central Hub Drones Main Structure. Builds all Drones structures. Provides some amount of powers. Projects a wide control area that can be expanded as you build more structures. Can be retracted into the mobile form (see Units section above) that can move to another location to be redeployed.
Reactor Provides power. Drones army depends highly on powers to operate, so keep them to have sufficient amount of power. If low-powered occurred, your combat units will be disabled and your production progress will be slowed down. So build more of these structures as your army grows, and don't forget to protect them. Projects small control area.
Factory Production structure. Place to build almost all Drones units (with their corresponding prerequisites). At first, only few units can be built, but as you progress by expand the Factory with upgrade (and build tech structures), you can build more advanced units from the Factory. Projects moderate radius of control area.
Extractor Drones supply lines building. Build Harvester Drones. Converts resources collected by Harvester Drones into funds.
Outpost Expansion structure. Deployed version of the Surveyor. Outpost building projects moderate radius of control area, allowing more buildings to be built around it to be an expansion post or small base.
Defense Node The only Drones base defense structure is this component tower. At first it don't have any weapons, You should upgrade it with one of several available addons.
Sentry Addon Anti-infantry addon for Defense Node.
Guard Addon Anti-armor addon for Defense Node.
Watcher Addon Anti-air addon for Defense Node.
Conversion Drive Tech tree structure. Unlocks more advanced units. Holds several upgrades. Can be expanded to deploy several faction protocol special powers.
Surveillance Drive Tech tree structure. Provides radar. Can be upgraded to scan an area for enemy forces. Unlocks Drones aircraft upon expansion upgrade.
Advanced Drive Tech tree structure. Unlocks advanced Drones units. Holds important advanced upgrades. Deploys several Drones faction protocol special powers.
Mechanized Control Construct unlocked Drones experimental units (aka heroes), also rebuild the destroyed ones.

More InformationEdit

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Overall faction related information of this mod

Human Drones
 MedicAPCRecon BikeMultigunner Assault Armor
 SpecialistInfiltratorAssault CopterDoombringer
Units HunterAssimilatorCentral HubHarvester 
SurveyorLurkerMarauderDefenderSteel Wing 
Heroes Reaver 
 Command CenterSupply DepotBarracks
 RefineryBunkerTraining CenterCannon Turret
 ArmoryHelipadResearch CenterCeremonial Hall
Structures Central HubReactorFactoryExtractorOutpost 
Defense NodeConversion DriveSurveillance Drive 
Advanced DriveMechanized Control 
 (TBA) Upgrades (TBA) 
 (TBA) Protocols (TBA) 
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