Central Hub
CentralHub 001
Faction Drones
Designation Construction Structure
Build Info
Icon (TBA)
Build Cost 5000
Build Time 60s
Built From (deployed on field)
Prerequisites None
Build Limit None
Structure Stats
Type Structure
Weapons None
Armor Fortified
Abilities • +8 Power
• Provides wide control area
• Pack Up
Dev. Status Modeled
Central Hub (Mobile Form)
CentralHub 002
Faction Drones
Designation Construction Vehicle
Build Info
Icon (TBA)
Build Cost 5000
Build Time 60s
Built From Factory
Prerequisites None
Build Limit None
Unit Stats
Type Mechanical/Heavy
Weapons Plating Claws
Armor Fortified
Abilities Deploy/Unpack
Dev. Status Modeled


Central Hub is the main structure of Drones army. It builds all Drones structures, provides some amount of powers, and projects a wide control area that can be expanded as you build more structures. It can be retracted into the mobile form that can move to another location to be redeployed.

In mobile form it's a slow, well armored, huge arachnid-shaped mech. It lost the common functions of its building version in this form, until you deploy it back. With its enormous size, it can crush smaller units. Does not require powers to function.



Tactical AnalysisEdit


(ability cards here)


(upgrade cards here)


  • The unit design, both structure and mobile forms, inspired from Nod Construction Yard and MCV in Command and Conquer 3, but instead crab-shaped it's more like a spider in mobile form.
  • The current mobile form model don't have legs intersections.


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